education is for everyone

Far Away Friends sees education as a starting point for investing in the economic and social development of a community. Our philosphy is that regardless of a child’s place of origin, they deserve the tools to grow into conscientious global leaders. We aim  to partner with schools in rural communities whose educational resources for children and adults are absent or in need of advancement.

Partnership, Not Charity

We don't do charity work--we create mutually beneficial partnerships for the "global good". We believe in helping to support the vision of globally-minded local leaders in rural communities by sharing their stories and using our time, talent and energy to identify grassroot "investors" who support their dreams for development. Listening carefully to leaders in our partner communities to make informed decisions about our investments is a practice we take very seriously.

connection changes everything

We believe that by connecting people in both the developed and developing world, they can better understand cultural differences and break down stereotypes by making a new friend. Making these connections, we are able to practice empathy and gain a stronger cultural/social awareness of the world outside of our country of origin. Our hope is that these friendships become partnerships in international development and inspire more acts of global citizenship.