OUR CORE Philospohy

EDUCATION IS                                   FOR EVERYONE

Far Away Friends sees education as a starting point for investing in the economic and social development of a community. We believe in the philosophy that regardless of a child’s country, city or community of origin, they deserve the tools they need to grow into conscientious global leaders. Our goal is to provide assistance to communities in rural, low-income areas whose educational resources for children are absent or in need of advancement.


Far Away Friends began when two girls from opposite sides of the world became friends. We believe that by connecting people in both the developed and developing world, they can better understand cultural differences and break down stereotypes by making a new friend. Making these connections, we are able to practice empathy and gain a stronger cultural/social awareness of the world outside of our country of origin. Our hope is that these friendships become partnerships in international development and inspire more acts of global citizenship. 


We are a global nonprofit organization with dreams to work with communities in need around the world. Our founding projects are based in Northern and Central Uganda, East Africa, the home country of our Co-Founder. 

Currently, we run projects in two areas of Uganda: Amolatar & Wakiso Districts. Amolatar District is just south of Lira and across Lake Kyoga. In 2016, we finished building our first local, private primary school called Global Leaders Day & Boarding Primary School in Namasale Sub-County. While there are 10 government-run primary schools in Namasale, there are zero private schools in the area. Unfortunately due to the poor quality of education available at the government-run schools in Namasale, over 2,000 children will not pass their Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) and make it into secondary school. We believe that by providing high quality primary education at Global Leaders Primary School with a focus on problem solving, leadership skills and social-emotional development, more children in Namasale will be able to pass their PLE and attend secondary school. 

Our Cross-Cultural Pen Pal Program has allowed us to partner with Faith Children's Foundation in Wakiso District, a reduced-cost private school for children affected by HIV/AIDS (via loss of both or one parent), since 2012. Faith Children's Foundation was founded by our mentor, the late Drake Eric Ssebunya who gave our organization the name "Far Away Friends".