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video credit: Sean Korbitz at Lightworkers Republic



  • Live in the village for a portion of our stay
  • Experience day-to-day life at Global Leaders Primary School
  • Visit Far Away Friends partners in Namasale 
  • Meet with local leaders & parents in the community 
  • Nightly team debriefs 
  • Visit historic Lira town
  • Go to the Market in Kampala
  • Safari at Murchison Falls National Park

What you'll learn

  • How to identify & stop white savior complex
  • The importance of local leadership
  • History of northern Uganda & the Lango people
  • Why Far Away Friends focuses on generational poverty
  • Cultural sensitivity 
  • Helpful vs. Harmful development practice
  • Challenges and obstacles to accessing education in rural communities
  • How to use your voice to make an impact on the lives of others


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Testimonials from our Volunteers


"By teaching me what it truly means to be a global citizen, Far Away Friends helped me realize that I want to travel and make deeper connections with those around the world. I became inspired to learn and work together with people to solve critical issues that affect disadvantaged populations. That summer, I realized my goal is to have a career working with the United Nations." --Marissa Z., 2017 volunteer



"Some people are able to find their purpose early on in life, while others take a while. I was lucky enough to find my passion for public health and education as a teenager. I learned about this field from professors and books, but I did not know if I was headed down the right path—I could talk the talk, but could I walk the walk? I decided to step outside of my comfort zone—like way, way out—and volunteered with Far Away Friends in Uganda. With the support of the FAF team, I grew as a person and I made my dream a reality. I know that I want to work with marginalized communities, reduce health disparities, and establish close connections along the way. It was my family at Far Away Friends (as well as my experience in Uganda) that gave me the confidence to know that I could make a difference in peoples’ lives." --Kathleen M., 2017 volunteer