The Story Behind Our New Logo

Today, after months of thinking, brainstorming, designing, scrapping ideas and re-designing, we’re so excited to finally release our new logo. For the past six months since we decided we wanted to design a logo that better reflected our mission and our brand, we’ve consulted with professionals and friends to try to imagine what this new icon would look like. As more time passed, our ideas became increasingly more complicated and abstract until we were looking at a logo that we couldn’t connect with at all.

During this process, we kept thinking back to a tee-shirt design that we’d created while we were still in Africa. The design was simple, created using one of our favorite photos from our trip of a boy that intrigued us named Emmanuel. After so many months of redesigning and brainstorming, we revisited this tee-shirt design and realized that the image we were searching for had been right in front of us all along.


Our new logo is simple, but iconic, just like our vision. Education is timeless, but always a vital part of revolutionary change.

Emmanuel’s smile struck us from the moment we met him. Here is a kid who is so young but whose life experiences and responsibilities have made him wise beyond his years. This is a child whose great potential, so evident in his smile, could be limitless with access to quality education. Like so many other children we met in Namasale, if only equipped with the right tools, their impact on the world would be extraordinary.

Our new logo is more than a photo of a child, it represents the future of a community. The joy that results from the transformative power of education. A bright light sparked in a dim room. Our mission to educated leaders, to empower communities, and most importantly, to build dreams.

Keep your eyes out for our new logo to be featured on our
social media platforms, literature, and website in the coming days!

With Tenacious Hope,