We're Partnering with Schools for Girls to Build Global Leaders HIGH SCHOOL!

When we opened our first school, Global Leaders Primary School (GLP) in Namasale, Uganda just last March, we *thought* we'd accomplished our biggest, wildest dream.

After a crazy-successful first year of operation teaching grades Pre-K through P.5 and adding two P.6 teachers next month (learn how you can be a part of supporting our P.6 class through OperationTEACH ) we were challenged to dream even BIGGER. To continue to think further about how we can impact our students and their families even after they graduate from GLP after they take their P.7 high-school entry exams. To expand our vision and imagine our students graduating from GLP and moving on to their next adventure--high school. 

It was around this time that we were approached by Jaclyn Collins of Schools for Girls

Photo from Schools for Girls  Facebook

Photo from Schools for Girls Facebook

Aside from the fact that she shares the same name with our Uganda Country Director(Collins...Collines, weird right?!), we immediately felt like our meeting was somehow divinely planned. Jaclyn had been referred to Far Away Friends by a mutual friend and emailed us asking if we could meet up and share ideas about supporting girls' education in Northern Uganda and possibly building a high school someday. Ironically enough, Collines happened to be IN DENVER at the time and had brought with her drafts and plans for building a Global Leaders Senior Secondary School. We had hoped to present the plans at our year-end board meeting so that in two years time, our first graduating P.7 class would have the opportunity to seamlessly move into a high school with the same emphasis on global citizenship, empathy and equality in learning.

When we met Jaclyn for coffee and talked though each other's ideas were literally all speechless. What were the odds that our next big dream for Far Away Friends and our students at GLP would coincide with Schools For Girlsplans to launch a high school with emphasis on global citizenship, empathy and equality in learning in Northern Uganda. he Universe works in the most mysterious ways, people. 

Preliminary plans for Global Leaders Senior Secondary School

Preliminary plans for Global Leaders Senior Secondary School

After only a few meetings, we knew that a joint partnership between Far Away Friends and Schools for Girls  would not only provide students in Namasale with an incredibly high quality high school education, but could help totally transform the standard of education in this community as a whole.

In 2016 we opened our first primary school--and that was just the beginning. 2017 is going to be UNBELIEVABLE. We're ready. Join us. 

The opportunities for positive impact on some of the world's most remote communities are endless when we work together

Learn more ur partnership and about our impact by visiting the Schools for Girls website right here

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