Why I Give: Monthly Donor Spotlight | Katie Leigh Hutt

I met Katie Hutt in 2011 as I was on my way to Invisible Children’s first Fourth Estate Leadership Summit. It was my first time traveling by myself and I was totally terrified. Even though I was only flying to San Diego, being alone at the airport without the slightest idea of what to expect or who I’d meet when I got to the other side rattled by brain a bit. 

When I arrived at my gate, I noticed a girl who was also by herself, wearing and Invisible Children tee shirt. I breathed a sigh of relief and approached my newfound friend for the journey. What I didn’t anticipate was making a friend with the kindest smile and a larger-than-life personality who would become one of our first monthly donors and a constant Far Away Friends supporter since the beginning.

I recently got the opportunity to interview Katie about her experience as one of our monthly donors.

Katie, what do you do for a living? 

I’m a production artist for a small newspaper in Denver and an artist. I love anything creative including art, sewing, fashion, blogging and design. I also have huge passion for women and development.

What makes you passionate about our mission to encourage global citizenship?

After working with Invisible Children and then living in Uganda I learned a lot about Global Citizenship. I’ve come to see community as not limited by borders but by limited to our own understandings. I have made some amazing friends all over the world and they have introduced me to knew view points and ways of thinking that have forever changed the way I view the world. Being a global citizen empowers democracy by opening you up to ideas you would have never thought of. It doesn’t mean you have to always agree with them, but it means that you still love the person who has those ideas.

What motivated you to become a monthly donor?

Through my studies of development I’ve learned that there is a correct way to do charity. Researching the organization that you are giving to and making sure that they have locals on the ground running the programs is essential. Another important thing is that the community you are helping is invested in the programs as well, making sure that they hold a stake in what is being developed. These are few of the things I consider before donating. The most important part is that non-profits can’t make financial plans for the year unless they know where their money is coming from. One time donations don’t allow for organizations to pre-plan their programs which is why it is always better to choose an organization you believe in and researched and then continually donate to that organization.

What advice would you give to our supporters considering becoming a monthly donor?

If Far Away Friends is an organization that you fully support and believe in, then for them to truly strive they need more monthly donors in order to be able to plan and develop programs in Uganda and anywhere else they hope to build schools. Become a monthly donor like Katie by signing up here!