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Education is our strongest weapon in the fight against poverty. 

At Far Away Friends, we see an investment in education as a starting point for the economic development of a community. Our philosophy is that regardless of where you live, all of us deserve access to the tools which can help us become conscientious global leaders. Our vision is to work alongside rural communities to improve access to quality education (private & public) for children and adults alike. Because education attainment is directly connected to higher wages, improved health/hygiene and career opportunities, we believe that it is our greatest weapon in the fight against generational poverty. 






200 Students

We are continually enrolling more students every term! In term one of 2019, GLP enrolled 180 students, 100 of which are boarding. 

22 Local Staff

It is important to us at FAF that all of our staff in Uganda are Ugandans who are role models and leaders for our students. 

Teacher Support

We are proud to provide free teacher trainings to our staff as well as other teachers in the Namasale area. Thanks to the GREEN FAMILY FOUNDATION, all of our teachers receive free housing for themselves & their family.

100% PLE Pass

In 2018, 100% of our Primary 7 students passed their Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) in the Top 2 Divisions. One student even scored 4 points shy of a perfect score!

Play Structures

GLP is one of the only schools in Amolatar District with a full sized community soccer field and playground thanks to support from the Games for Good Foundation

Clean Water

In 2018 we installed a community bore-hole (well) on the GLP campus which serves all GLP students and staff, as well as 70 families from the community per day.


Growing up in one of the most remote villages in Northern Uganda many children in Namasale will become trapped in a cycle of generational poverty due to lack of quality primary education in their district. Our co-founder, Collines Angwech understands this struggle first hand. Because of this, Amolatar District remains one of the poorest performing educational districts in all of Uganda. Without opportunities to achieve academic success, children from this community have been continually and unfairly marginalized. That’s why we partnered with community members and leaders in Namasale, Amolatar District to build Global Leaders Day & Boarding Primary School.

Since our opening in March 2016, we have seen a steady increase in enrollment each term. With access to an affordable and local private school within the village, parents now feel confident knowing their children are receiving the highest quality education from motivated teachers in a beautiful, safe learning environment. More kids in school means a brighter future for the community as a whole and a chance for children to escape the cycle of generational poverty.

We are proud to be making steady progress toward our vision to create a self-sustainable, community-centric model school through Global Leaders which will produce the highest performing Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) candidates in Northern Uganda over the next five years. Global Leaders will also serve part time as a teacher training hosting center where educators from rural communities can attend free career development & training workshops.




Menstrual Health

We've partnered with AfriPads to deliver reusable sanitary pads & train girls on mensural health & hygiene. Every year we distribute 150 pad kits and hold trainings at local primary, secondary & vocational schools.


Teacher Training

Teachers at Far Away Friends partner schools are able to attend all of our annual teacher trainings free of cost.


School Improvement

We work with the local community to identify schools in the area that are in need of infrastructure development. In 2018, we constructed six drainable toilets for Namasale Primary School, who previously only had one operational toilet for 1,000 students.


Mentorship & Sports

Charity Ball has donated over 48 soccer balls to Far Away Friends which we distribute to our partner schools in the community. During the distribution, we work with both boys & girls at the schools to host annual empowerment workshops and soccer competitions.

Far Away Friends School Outreach Program

Public schools in the Namasale area tend to be overcrowded, underfunded and lacking the adequate sanitation, housing, teacher training and educational resources that are essential to healthy child development. Working closely alongside the Administration, Teachers & Parents we are currently engaging with three other primary & secondary schools in the Namasale with the aim of raising the standard for education for all children in the sub-county.

Through our School Outreach Program we have been able to:

  • Provide Mentorship workshops with students at Namasale SEED Secondary School which has resulted in a decrease in absenteeism among girl students

  • Provided sanitary pads & training to girls at our partner schools

  • Host an annual Friendship Football Match and provide soccer balls to our partner schools thanks to Charity Ball

  • Provide free Teacher Training workshops to 15 teachers at our partner schools

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