Growing up in one of the most remote villages in Northern Uganda many children in Namasale will become trapped in a cycle of generational poverty due to lack of quality primary education in their district. Our co-founder, Collines Angwech understands this struggle first hand. Because of this, Amolatar District remains one of the poorest performing educational districts in all of Uganda. Without opportunities to achieve academic success, children from this community have been continually and unfairly marginalized. That’s why we partnered with community members and leaders in Namasale, Amolatar District to build Global Leaders Day & Boarding Primary School.

Since our opening in March 2016, we have seen a steady increase in enrollment each term. With access to an affordable and local private school within the village, parents now feel confident knowing their children are receiving the highest quality education from motivated teachers in a beautiful, safe learning environment. More kids in school means a brighter future for the community as a whole and a chance for children to escape the cycle of generational poverty.

We are proud to be making steady progress toward our vision to create a self-sustainable, community-centric model school through Global Leaders which will produce the highest performing Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) candidates in Northern Uganda over the next five years. Global Leaders will also serve part time as a teacher training hosting center where educators from rural communities can attend free career development & training workshops.