These partners and businesses allow us to keep educating and empowering children around the world. Thank you! 


GoodBookey’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for impactful non-profits by simulating peer to peer gambling on popular national and collegiate sports events. Through their innovative “gambling for good” model, they’ve allowed Far Away Friends to provide our students with many of their day-to-day needs, and much of their staff support us directly as sponsors through our OperationTeach program. Throughout the year, the GoodBookey team has been consistently kind and immeasurably helpful, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to continue our work with them in 2017. Learn more about GoodBookey and download the App right here


College Inn has chosen Far Away Friends as their charity partner 2 years in a row for their annual Charity Golf Tournament at Park Hill Golf Club. College Inn has raised nearly $10,000 to support our staff and students at Global Leaders Primary School by funding several school improvement projects (building a kitchen, toilets and a soccer field) and donating school supplies for over 100 children in Namasale, Uganda. Visit their website right here


Pulcinella Pizzeria has been a long time friend to our organization and support base in Fort Collins, Colorado. Mary Race and her incredible staff have donated free pizza for our Far Away Friends at CSU monthly club meetings and have also showcased and sold art and FAF products in the restaurant which raised funds for several school improvement projects in Namasale, Uganda. Visit their website here


Through their Scoop for Scoop program, Little Man Ice Cream has donated 4-months of rice & beans, built a vegetable & grain garden, provided solar lighting to student dorms and fixed a leaking roof at our partner schools in Northern & Central Uganda.  Visit their website right here


The students and staff at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colorado devoted their annual "Roar Week" to raising over $13,000 finishing the construction of Global Leaders Primary School in Namasale, Uganda. 

i3logix has donated their design and printing services to FAF to produce our OperationTEACH Sponsorship packet & annual Global Leaders Yearbook.