Improving local healthcare systems & giving families the opportunity to stay healthy 

Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "Everyone has the right...[to] medical care and necessary social services...Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance." 

Because there are no hospitals in Namasale, residents are faced with seeking medical care at local Health Centers. Biko Health Center II, one of the only local medical facilities has virtually no medicines, refrigeration, mattresses, beds, emergency medical supplies or sterilization equipment.  For families in Namasale, access to better medical services is of the highest priority.

In 2018, we launched our Community Health Initiative by donating four delivery mattresses to Biko Health Center. In 2019, we plan to partner with all of the local health clinics in Namasale and Amolatar District at large to improve the quality of healthcare provided to families. Our goal is to raise  $5,500 for this initiative and provide more treatment beds, mattresses and medical supplies to clinics in need.


Members of the "Poverty Never Ends" Community Savings Group

Members of the "Poverty Never Ends" Community Savings Group

Creating Opportunities for families to break free from cycles of generational poverty

We want to make it easier for people in the communities where we work to support their families and break out of cycles of generational poverty. Our Village Loan & Savings Program will help to promote financial & business acumen for families. Our pilot Loans & Savings group called "Global Vision Savings Group" was created in 2018 by members of the Global Leaders Primary School community. 

During our July 2018 Immersion Trip, we had the privilege of meeting with another Village Loans & Savings group in Namasale called "Poverty Never Ends". Members of this savings group have been working since 2013 to collectively save and construct a Community Meeting Center in Namasale. In 2019 Far Away Friends hopes to partner with "Poverty Never Ends" to facilitate community Loans, Savings & Business trainings.