- The Where We Live Holiday Campaign -

On November 28, 2017 we launched our holiday campaign to raise $10,000 to break ground on Phase 1 of a 3-phase student dormitory build! 

On average, boarding students will spend 274 days per year living at school. 

It is our responsibility to ensure that students who spend 75% of their year with us have a safe, loving & secure place to grow. 

Join us in the construction of Phase 1 of our student dorms at Global Leaders Primary School so that over 100 students in rural Uganda have a place to call HOME.



Currently 50 students are living inside two classrooms at Global Leaders Primary School in Namasale, Uganda.

Several of our boarding students have been affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis in Amolatar district and may live with a foster family during the holidays. We believe it is important that our boarding students have beautiful, safe and secure dormitories to play, grow and live in. Every child deserves a place to call "home".


75% of a boarding student's year is spent living at school. 

Students like "Baby Fiona" who started boarding school at age four will spend the next 7 years with us and will be mostly raised by their teachers, Matron (or "house Mom") and peers. We want to be able to provide all of these future global leaders with the tools they need to be successful influencers in their communities and building high quality dormitories is a top priority..